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SplitReady helps divorcing individuals get the information they need to make the best possible decisions for their family’s future. Whether you’re interested in a DIY divorce or learning what kind of divorce specialist you may need to help you through the process, we invite you to explore our resources, blogs, podcasts and so much more.

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How to Get Your Mortgage Application Approved Post-COVID
Douglas Katz – 2 June 2021 So, I read an article last week trumpeting the loosening of lending
Divorced Parents, College, and Financial Aid – Part
This article originally appeared on Are you in the beginning stages of your divorce
6 Tips To Avoid Real Estate Scams When Closing On a
  DOUGLAS KATZ – 05/12/21 – UPDATED 5/17/21 We all know that technology has made it
How Do You Determine Equity in Your Home For Your Divorce?
How do you determine equity in your home if you are going through the divorce process? It starts with
How to Pick a Mortgage Lender and the Value of Expertise
When you think mortgage and home financing, rate, price and payment may be the first words that come
How Does Mortgage Loan Forbearance Impact Refinancing
Can you buy or refinance after your divorce?  The question is always complex, but right now it is even
When Should You Refinance Your House After Divorce?
One of the top questions that I get from clients in my divorce lending practice is “can I afford
Federal Housing Administration Update: Loan Limits
The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has announced that, like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, are increasing
Conforming Loan Limits Have Increased in 2020. What
The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) just announced an increase in conforming loan limits at the
Mortgage Interest Rates Forecast: When Should You Lock
How Rates Move: Conventional and Government (FHA and VA) lenders set their rates based on the pricing
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Getting SplitReady 31.3: Upcoming Tax Changes In a Post-COVID World
Getting SplitReady Episode 31.2: What Does the Lending Market Look Like For Buyers
Getting SplitReady Episode 31.1: Tips on How to Navigate a Hot Real Estate Market
Getting SplitReady Episode 30.3: College Financial Aid for the Divorced Parents
Getting SplitReady Episode 30.2: Preparing for Divorce in the Face of Pandemic, Social
Getting SplitReady Episode 30.1: Divorce Resources for Low to Moderate Income Couples
Getting SplitReady Episode 29.4: Growing Through New Perspective During the Time
Getting SplitReady Episode 29.3: Shadow Work as a Spiritual Practice During Divorce
Getting SplitReady Episode 29.2: Ways to Stay Grounded During Your Divorce Through
Getting SplitReady Episode 29.1: Seeing Divorce as Co-creation Versus a Mere Separation
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Divorce Basics

Which divorce method makes the most sense for you? How do you prepare your children and family for divorce? Are you ready to handle the cost of a divorce?


Do you have a clear understanding of your and your spouse’s assets? Do you know what you may be entitled to in the way of child support or maintenance?


What is a parenting plan? What are the key components? What does it mean to co-parent? What do you need to think about as you re-structure your family?


Can you afford to stay in your home after your file for divorce? If you’re planning to buy a home after your divorce is finalized, how much home can you purchase? How do child support or maintenance incomes factor in?

Getting Divorced

Do you know what the divorce process looks like? What potential pitfalls should you be ready for? Which subject matter experts do you need to have on your divorce team?

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