Getting SplitReady Episode 16.4: Taxing Situations – The Importance of Involving a CPA in Your Divorce

Even in the best of situations, taxes are difficult to understand. In a divorce, taxes get exponentially more complicated, as divorcing couples must plan for future taxes and separate households. Sometimes, even forensic tax help can help couples negotiate an equitable agreement and plan for the future.

Join us for a discussion with Mark Machnic about divorce, taxes and the role of the CPA during a divorce.

Also joining the discussion are Rachel Hernandez of Hernandez Hoag Legal Solutions, LLC., Alec Blalock from John F. Baker Law, and Joyce Marter, LCPC, a Psychotherapist, Writer and Speaker.

Mark Machnic CPA

About Mark

Mark Machnic CPA,CVA, CDFA, MAFF, is the owner of Mark Machnic CPA. where he provides assistance to attorneys dealing with the financial impact and tax consequences of divorce. In addition, he provides business valuation services for a variety of reasons including partner disputes, divorce, buy/sell agreements, estate & gift taxes, and partner buy-outs. He also acts as an expert witness and forensic accounting expert.

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