Getting SplitReady Episode 18.3: Different Strokes for Different Folks – The Unique Needs of Alternative Lifestyles and Divorce

Not everyone fits into the “normal” or traditional mold when it comes to marriage and relationships. Many couples opt for alternative lifestyles, which can include healthy, affirming swinging or polyamorous families. On a regular basis, these non-traditional family arrangements can be complex to manage from a social and societal perspective. When divorce happens, though, this complexity is amplified, as our culture and legal system are not often well-equipped to deal with these complexities.

Join us for a discussion with Jessica Malmquist from Greenwich Law Group on the ins and outs of alternative lifestyles and divorce.

Also joining the conversation are Amy Schillinger from Balance Stress Management and Therapy and Pamela Rak, LCSW.

Jessica Malmquist

About Jessica

An attorney with Greenwich Law Group , LLC, Jessica has more than 15 years of family law experience and an advanced degree in finance. Her practice is based on an in-depth understanding of the emotional, practical and financial elements involved in the dissolution of a marriage or post-decree matter, particularly when the allocation of parental responsibilities, maintenance, child support and parenting time are involved.

Jessica is a member of the Illinois Bar Association and American Bar Association, as well as a Fellow of the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois (CLII), member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP), and current President-Elect, and has been a CLII Board member for over 5 years. Jessica was formally a member of the Rainbows Young Professional Board.

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