Getting SplitReady Episode 18.4: Sometimes Not Sharing Is Caring – Managing Your Social Media During Divorce

Social media – it’s everywhere. Facebook and Instagram in our personal lives. LinkedIn for our professional lives. Even our President and other politicians have moved to Twitter to communicate with constituents and wage war with one another. Our digital footprint has become as influential as our physical one.

During a divorce, though, what you do online can have a drastic effect on the outcome of your divorce, as well as your post-divorce life.

Join us for an engaging discussion with our expert panel on best practices for managing social media activity before, during and after a divorce – and the negative impacts of failing to follow those social media guidelines.

Joining the conversation are Amy Schillinger from Balance Stress Management and Therapy, Jessica Malmquist from Greenwich Law Group LLC, and Pamela Rak, LCSW.

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