A divorce can stress your credit. Take steps now to repair your credit and make sure you're ready to make your fresh start.
Divorce Credit Pro

What Will a Divorce Do to Your Credit?

  • Do you want to refinance your marital home or buy a new one?
  • Do you need a new car post-divorce to get to your job or to get your kids to school?
  • Do you need new credit cards to help with your new start?
  • Are you worried about your finances and identity post-divorce?

More than any other time in your life, your credit rating during a divorce matters. As you begin the divorce process, take the time to protect your credit and ensure that you get the financing you need at the rates you deserve.

A Divorce Can Impact Your Credit Just When You Need It Most

A bad credit score can translate to thousands of dollars in extra cost for mortgages, car loans and credit cards. And, in some cases, a very low score will prevent you from obtaining financing at all. Generally, a person’s credit score is directly related to where they are in life. Significant milestones in life, like purchasing a first home, starting a family and even divorce tend to stress finances and impact your score.

If You're Concerned About Your Credit,
Let Us Help
We're with you, every step of the way. Our Divorce Credit Pro experts will take you through an analysis of your credit and help you create a step-by-step credit improvement plan. Plus, stay ahead of future issues with our identity and finance protection services.

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