Handling divorce and real estate division requires an expert touch. Let a Divorce Mortgage Pro show you the way.
Divorce Mortgage Pro

How Will Your Divorce Impact Your Mortgage?

  • Will you be able to keep the home?
  • Will you be able to qualify to buy another home?
  • How can will I pay off my departing spouse when I refinance?
  • How will spousal maintenance and child support help me qualify?
  • Will my employment income be enough to qualify?

These are the questions that you should be asking not only yourself, but your divorce team.

Your Divorce Mortgage Pro will guide you through the mortgage process with a detailed analysis of your current situation as well as the development of creative solutions to not only get you the home financing that you need, but to align with your overall post-divorce financial goals.

Vetted and Certified

All of our Divorce Mortgage Pros are Certified Divorce Lending Professionals (CDLP), with at least 5 years lending experience and have been vetted through a mix of a direct interviewing of the Pro, their colleagues and their clients.

Solutions vs. Transactions
Traditionally, the role of a mortgage provider in the divorce and real estate division process has been transactional and, as a result, is about selling you something.

This is largely due to the nature of the mortgage business where lenders are only compensated when a deal closes. From a practical standpoint, lenders need to be compensated for their time and effort to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. This creates some challenges, especially in divorce, where the length of time required to take a client from initial discussion to funding can be months or even years.

While well intentioned, many lenders simply do not have the time and resources to provide good, unbiased advice to a client for this amount of time. At Divorce Mortgage Pro, we think this needs to change.

Work With a Real Estate Neutral

Your Divorce Mortgage Pro works with divorcing couples and the other divorce professionals during the alternative dispute resolution process to analyze and provide recommendations on the family’s housing situation. Their goal is to create a mutually agreeable settlement during the divorce and real estate division process that works for the family, and also offer other viable options for housing.

Because your Real Estate Neutral is not directly involved in the transaction, they can also work directly with the lender of client’s choice to ensure that they are provided the best possible service.

To ensure that you receive impartial, unbiased quality advice and support, Divorce Mortgage Pros fulfilling a role as a Real Estate Neutral recuse themselves from doing your transaction. Their focus is your well-being and the creation of a stable post-divorce housing situation.

Real Estate Neutral Services

Divorce Mortgage Pro

Divorce Home Solutions Basic Package

Contact Us for a Customized Quote

  • Free 30 Minute Consultation
  • Home Value Analysis
  • Cost of Potential Repairs and Staging
  • Estimates of Cost to Sell
  • Loan Viability Analysis
    • Credit Review
    • Income and Asset Review
  • Identification of Potential Pitfalls and Obstacles to Financing/Refinancing

Additional hours may be needed based on complexity and individual client need and may be purchased ala carte at $125/hour.

Divorce Mortgage Pro

Divorce Home Solutions Support Package

Contact Us for a Customized Quote

  • Free 30 Minute Consultation
  • Coordination with Other Key Divorce Team Members
  • Ala Carte Services to Include
    • Housing Scenario Analysis
    • Coordination with Divorce Team
    • Coordination with Selected Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals
    • Review of Mortgage Application and Other Mortgage Documents
    • Review of Proposals by Prospective Lenders to Determine Best Solution
    • Consulting for Topics Such as
      • Ownership and Titling
      • Structuring of Real Estate Section of Marriage Settlement Agreement
      • Management of Divorce Process to Maximize Adherence to Lending Guidelines

Applying for a Loan with a Divorce Mortgage Pro?

In an effort to meet our client’s needs, SplitReady Divorce Mortgage Pros providing the aforementioned services can upon direct request from the client fulfill the transaction for a client.  It’s your mortgage and your choice, but because you have many other choices, we need to document your preference for using your SplitReady Divorce Mortgage Pro for this purpose.  Under these circumstances, SplitReady client’s must execute and return the SpluReady Mortgage Mortgage Services and Application Disclosure. 

Contact Us

We’re here to help. When you’re ready to learn more about how a Divorce Mortgage Pro can help you make a fresh start in a home of your own, reach out and we’ll be back in touch right away.

    SplitReady is not a lender and we do not extend credit.

    Divorce Mortgage Pros affiliated with SplitReady are acting in an informational and consulting capacity and working with a SplitReady Divorce Mortgage Pro does not represent an pre-approval or loan application.

    In providing, this service we do not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, and sexual orientation), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information.

    As per the disclosure above, clients can upon request work with SplitReady Divorce Mortgage Pros in a lending and loan fulfillment capacity outside of their direct relationship with SplitReady.  When acting in this capacity, SplitReady Divorce Mortgage Pros and the institutions which provide their loan fulfillment, assume all responsibility for the loan fulfillment, approval and funding of the loan.

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