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While working through the SplitReady process, you may find that you need a little help assessing your situation and developing your own customized SplitReady Plan. Whether a little help or a lot, SplitReady has a strong network of experienced and vetted divorce professionals standing by to help you save time, money and sanity.

Explore the different types of divorce professionals we partner with in the Divorce Pro Network. If you’d like to learn more and speak with a Divorce Pro, contact us!

financial pro

Divorce Financial Pro

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst is a professional who specializes in helping couples and individuals navigate the financial intricacies that come up during the divorce process. Whether it is division of assets, debt considerations, marital home disposition or child and spousal support, Divorce Financial Pros are there to help.

mediator pro

Divorce Mediator Pro

Craft your divorce agreement through conversation, not litigation. Mediation is a form of dispute resolution where a neutral and impartial third party, or mediator, facilitates and encourages couples to create their own agreement. Mediated divorce agreements can avoid costly litigation and are tailored to a couple’s individual circumstances and needs.

divorce realty pro

Divorce Accounting Pro

Everyone knows the old joke about death and taxes. Taxes and tax planning during a divorce, however, are no laughing matter. Mistakes can be costly and long lasting, and some errors cannot be corrected post-decree. Tax planning with the help of a divorce tax professional should be an essential part of your planning process.

realty pro

Divorce Realty Pro

Buying and selling a home is a complicated process under normal circumstances. During a divorce, you should partner with a Divorce Realty Pro, a proven top performing real estate agent who understands how to avoid the pitfalls of buying and selling during a divorce.

counseling pro

Divorce Counseling Pro

The stress and emotion of a divorce can take their toll on even the strongest person. When coupled with the SplitReady process, a Divorce Counseling Pro can help divorcing couples and their families move through the divorce process in a healthy way.

divorce mortgage pro

Divorce Mortgage Pro

From underwriting guidelines to tax implications to considerations for maintenance when drafting a divorce decree, getting a mortgage during a divorce is complex. Let a Divorce Mortgage Pro work with you to help you achieve you home financing objectives.

insurance pro

Divorce Insurance Pro

A divorcing couple can face any number of questions on their future insurance needs, especially around life and disability insurance coverages, as well as child and spousal support payment default. Let a Divorce Insurance Pro address your questions and help you find the solution that fits your needs.

parenting pro

Divorce Parenting Pro

Divorce ends a marriage, not a family. How do you enter this new phase of your relationship with as much grace and as little conflict as possible? Let a Divorce Parenting Pro help you understand how best to create a parenting plan and divide up parental responsibilities in a way that makes sense for both you and your kids.

divorce legal pro

Divorce Legal Pro

When you are ready to pursue mediation, collaborative divorce or traditional litigation, you should feel comfortable that you’re choosing the right attorney for the job. Choose a vetted SplitReady Divorce Legal pro and know that you will be paired with a professional that fits your needs.

divorce military pro

Military Divorce Pro

When dealing with a divorce in which one or both spouses are service members, deployments, VA home loans, retirement pay, VA disability and geographical separation can complicate everything from parenting plans to marital home disposition. Let a Military Divorce Pro use their extensive experience working with active duty service members and veterans help you put your divorce operations in order.

divorce credit pro

Divorce Credit Pro

A divorce can place an enormous strain on your credit. If you’re struggling with poor or damaged credit, let Divorce Credit Pro help you repair your credit and be ready to take steps to a fresh start.

Want to Learn More?

If you’re considering divorce, and would like to speak with one of our Divorce Pros, or need assistance determining the kind of expertise your situation requires, reach out today – we’re here to help.

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