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When couples get engaged there are thousands of resources online to help them plan. There are checklists, charts of what to do and when, directories of every type of professional to assist along the way. But when you end up on the doorstep of divorce? Why can’t you get the same support, resources, and professionals at your fingertips? SplitReady is in the business of preparing people for divorce. Our SplitReady process consists of 4 Ps:

divorce process


divorce process


divorce process


divorce process


Like the four legs on a chair, each of these components supports the others to fulfill our mission of getting people ready for divorce. This is where you come in.

Join us in transforming the divorce industry.
Become a SplitReady Divorce Pro.
SplitReady is looking for the top divorce industry professionals to join our network. Grow your practice and help prepare clients to take their next steps in life.

The Divorce Pro Network uses a skills-based approach to match each client to the best pro. And, as every divorce is unique, many times the perfect divorce professional for a client may be a pro with multiple skills.
Divorce Pro Network

Our proprietary and innovative badge system makes it possible to showcase your skills in an easily understandable system. The more skills you have, the more badges you carry, and the better fit you’ll be for prospective divorcing clients’ needs. SplitReady Divorce Pros can brand themselves with badges on:

  • Business Cards
  • Email Signature Blocks
  • Your SplitReady Bio
divorce pro badges

A Divorce Pro Network Membership Features:

When you join the SplitReady Divorce Pro Network you get a full bio on the SplitReady Divorce Pro Network – clients will be able to easily find you and determine what your skills are. But we are more than a directory! As a member of the network you will also receive the following:

  • Access to the SplitReady Platform; this powerful system will not only be a solution to manage your SplitReady leads, but it will also provide you an amazing tool for you to manage your divorce practice and the divorce process for your other clients
  • Contributor Status for the SplitReady Blog, giving you the opportunity to build your brand and establish yourself as an authority in the divorce space
  • Preferred status for guest appearances on the Getting SplitReady Podcast
  • Discounted rates for sponsorship of the Getting SplitReady Podcast
  • Branded marketing materials
  • Continuing education and access to training to earn additional certifications and badges

Contact us today to schedule a brief call. We would love to see if you are a good fit for the SplitReady Divorce Pro Network and we look forward to working with amazing divorce professionals that think like us!

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