Will old mortgage affect me?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divorce HousingWill old mortgage affect me?
Sam BeaumontSam Beaumont asked 1 year ago

My ex-wife is getting the home in our settlement.  She is paying the mortgage, but I am still on the debt until she refinances.  Will this hurt my ability to get a mortgage when I want to buy.

1 Answers
Douglas KatzDouglas Katz Staff answered 1 year ago

Yes and no.  If the decree defines clearly that she needs to pay it, it will not be calculated into the new calculations for your own loan approval.  If you can show a history of her paying, it is especially helpful.  Always remember, however, that you are still on the hook for that debt and if she doesn’t pay it will impact your credit history and score, which will, in turn, make it harder to get approved.

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