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In an effort to meet client’s needs, SplitReady Divorce Mortgage Pros providing the aforementioned services can upon direct request from the client execute the transaction for a client. Under these circumstances, the client will receive a credit for consulting services from SpliReady Pro not to exceed $500. To initiate this process, clients must complete our Application Acknowledgement Disclosure. Eligibility for rebates are based upon providing a signed Application Acknowledgement Disclosure, Proof of Application and Proof of Funding with their SplitReady.

This disclosure is to verify that I understand that:

  • SplitReady is NOT a lending institution and does not extend credit.
  • SplitReady does NOT provide legal or tax advice. While some aspects of the lending process touch on these subjects, individuals should always consult with a legal or tax expert on these topics.
  • SplitReady provides training, support and consultation to individuals seeking assistance obtaining a mortgage before during and after a divorce, as well as professionals seeking the services for their clients.
  • SplitReady is not directly or formally affiliated with any lending institutions.
  • Should I decide or find it necessary to apply, I have the right to choose the lender(s) with whom I apply.
  • The advice or guidance provided to me prior to my application or while my Divorce Mortgage Pro is action in a consultative capacity are not the views, opinions or guidelines of the institution that I choose.
  • The decision on my loan will be based on the underwriting guidelines and conditions of the institution that I choose and are subject to approval based on these guidelines and market conditions.

Based on this information, I the undersigned choose to apply for a loan or pre-approval with my SplitReady representative and the institution(s) that he/she uses for fulfillment. I acknowledge that I was in no way coerced or steered into using this option and do so based in this being the best option for me.

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